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Syring Pump uSyr 605T

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-According to the basic parameters of the patient, select the induction method and set the target concentration;

-Select the target control site, plasma target control or effect room target control;

-Adjust the target concentration according to the effect of anesthesia;

- Adjust the dosage according to the operation time.

-Six administration modes: easy mode, speed mode, time drug mode, body weight mode, plasma target control, effect room target control;

-Three induction modes: rapid induction, step induction and smooth induction, which are in line with clinical medication habits;

- high-resolution color screens with adjustable backlight;

-The blocking pressure can be adjusted in multiple gears;

-The keyboard can be locked during operation, and the parameters are displayed in real time during operation;

-can be combined with target-controlled syringe pump, DPS function


Product Name: uSyr 605T Syringe Pump (Target Control) Anesthesia Pump

Application: Hospital/Clinic

Function: for injection

Syringe size:


Applicable syringe: Compatible with any standard syringe

vtbi: 1-1000m1 (in increments of 0.1, 1, 10m1)


Syringe 5al: 0.1-100ml/h (in 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10n1/h increments)

Syringe 10m1:0.1-300m1/h

Syringe 20m1:0.1-600m1/h

Syringe 30m1:0.1-800m1/h

Syringe 50/60ml: 0.1-1200m1/h

Drug Library: Available

Occlusion Sensitivity: High, Moderate, Low

Docking Station: Stackable to 4-in-1 or 6-in-1 Docking Base

History log: 50,000 events

Wireless management: optional

AC power supply: 110-230V.50/60Hz, 20VA

Battery: 14.8V, rechargeable

Battery life: 8 hours, 5ml/hour

Working temperature: 5-40C

Relative humidity: 20-90%

Atmospheric pressure: 700-100hpa

Size: 245*120*115m

Weight: 2.5kg

Safety classification: Class II, type BF


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