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Syring Pump uSyr 602

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-It can automatically identify the specifications of the syringes, suitable for all brands of syringes;

-The pump body has its own connecting device, and multiple units can be combined arbitrarily, which is flexible, convenient and practical;

-There are two input modes of key and shuttle key to meet the usage habits of different users;

-large LCD screen, adjustable backlight intensity, personalized settings according to light intensity;


-Product Name: uSyr 602 Syringe Pump

-Application: Hospital/Clinic

-Function: for injection

-Syringe size:

-Compatible syringe: Compatible with any standard syringe

-vtbi: 0.1-9999m1<1000ml, in increments of 0.1ml≥, the capacity is 1000ml, the increment is 1ml


Syringe 10ml: 0.1-00m1/h

Syringe 20m1:0.1-600m1/h

Syringe 30m1:0.1-900m1/h

Syringe 50/60ml: 0.1-1300m1/h

<,100m1/h, in increments of 0.1ml/h

≥,100nl/h in lal/h increments

-AC power supply: 110/230V (optional), 50/60Hz, 20VA

-Battery: 9.6±1.6V, rechargeable

-Battery life: 7 hours, 5ml/hour

-Working temperature: 5-40C

-Relative humidity: 20-90%

-Atmospheric pressure: 860-1060hpa

-Size: 314*167*140mm

-Weight: 2.5kg

-Safety classification: Class II, type CF

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