Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment

Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment

Hospital 3D 4D Full Color Doppler Digital B Ultrasound trolley type

  • Specification:
  • 15” HD LED Displayer.Ergonomic design,All-round display angle adjustment
  • Ultra-wideband imaging/THI/Trapezoidal imaging/Exact SAR adaptive speckle
  • noise suppression techniques.
  • CFM mode / PDI mode /PW,Real time triplex Imaging.
  • 6 different languages System.
  • Rich measurement package which can satisfy clinical needs.
  • Support convex,linear,trans-vaginal,micro-convex,phased array and 4D probes.


  • 3D / 4D Optinal function
  • One-click optimization function.
  • Image and video one-click fast storage.
  • Features:
  • 3D / 4D Optinal function
  • 6 different languages System.
  • noise suppression techniques
  • Image and video one-click fast storage
Hospital B ultrasound scanner

Hospital B ultrasound scanner

Hospital Portable ultrasonic devices Ultrasound Machine medical ultrasound instruments 

  • Specification:
  • Probe Interface:Dual probe interface, with automatic identification function
  • Battery Capacity :removable lithium battery /5200 mAh
  • Display mode: B, B + B, 4b, B + m, m;
  • Four encoders, knob design, quick and convenient operation
  • Movie playback: 256 frames, can be played back frame by frame and pause playback
  • There were more than 18 body position markers


  • Interface: video interface, two USB interface, DICOM interface, VGA interface, power interface  
  • Display magnification: 16 display modes;  Lesion diagnosis is more accurate
  • Features:
  • Light and portable, more clearer
  • 15 inch LED shows the images
  • powerful electrical power ability
  • Simple operation interface, easy to understand
Portable infusion pump  IV

Portable infusion pump IV

Portable Hospital Infusion Pump Volumetric Infusion Pump for Instruments Medical Equipment

  • Specification:
  • Rate Unit: ml/h, volume/time,d/min
  • IV Sets:Standard single use IV sets ( 10,15,20,50, 60d/mL, with diameter 3.4 ~ 4.5mm)
  • Self-Testing:Self-Testing before startup and during infusion
  • Flow Rate: 1.0ml/h~1200ml/h, 1.0d/min~400d/min
  • Increment:1.0-99.9ml/h in 0.1ml/h step;100-1200ml/ in 1ml/h step
  • KVO 0.1ml/h~5.0ml/h,adjustable


  • Keypad Numeric keypad, user friendly
  • BOLUS Bolus function available, flow rate adjustable
  • Night Mode Night mode ON, screen to be dim automatically in 5min standby time expired.
  • Features:
  • Double CPU safer infusion
  • Big Brightness LCD display visually
  • Numeric Keypad Very User Friendly
  • Occlucion,air-in-line,Audio visual alarm volume: 10setings


Biphasic AED Cardiac Defibrillator with Monitor

Biphasic AED Cardiac Defibrillator with Monitor

Hospital ICU Cheap Patient Monitor 6 Parameter Patient Monitor for Pediatric newborn

  • Specification:
  • Built-in 8 language for choose (English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian)
  • Use special fanless cooling technology in the device to provide a quiet environment for users
  • Standard, Large font, Trend Coexist, OxyCRG dynamic, 7 full ECG waveforms;
  • Time delay switch-off function keep the monitor data restart monitor
  • parameter:ECG+SPO2+ NIBP+TEMP+RESP+PR/HR
  • 12.1 inch standard 6 parameter monitor


  • Optional parameters
  • ETCO2, dual IBP, printer, touch screen, Multi-gas, EEG, Masimo SpO2/Nellcor SpO2, Suntech BP Moudle, and other high-end parameters
  • Features:
  • Multilingual selection
  • 3600s full-disclosure waveform review
  • Energy saving and suspend monitoring
  • High accuracy Spo2 & NIBP


Multiparameter vital signs monitor

Multiparameter vital signs monitor

Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator Hospital Equipment Defibrillator AED Automatic Defibrillator with Cheap Price

  • Specification:
  • 3-lead ECG cable, or 5-lead ECG cable, paddles.
  • Displayed on monitor, paddles, I, II, III,AVR, AVL, AVF, V.
  • Method: automatic oscillation
  • Working mode: manual/automatic
  • SpO2:Display: SpO2 value, pulse histongram, waveform, pulse
  • Defibrillator:Biphasic/ Manual / External Synchronous / Asynchronous Defibrillation


  • AED Optional:
  • Adult /Children Mode
  • Features:
  • Standard built-in Recorder
  • Defibrillation discharge trigger recording
  • TFT colour display
  • Working mode: manual/automatic
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine

Hospital professional Automatic digita blood pressure monitor upper arm blood pressure machine

  • Specification:
  • Parameters:
  • Measurement method: oscillometry
  • Measurement mode: upper arm
  • Range: 0 ~ 297 mmHg (0 ~ 39.6 kPa)
  • BP measurement range:
  • Systolic pressure: 4 kPa (30 mmHg) ~ 36 kPa (270 mmHg)
  • Mean pressure: 2.7 kPa (20 mmHg) ~ 31.3 kPa (235 mmHg)
  • Diastolic pressure: 1.3 kPa (10 mmHg) ~ 29.3 kPa (220 mmHg)
  • Resolution: 0.133 kPa (1 mmHg)
  • PR measurement range: 40 bpm ~ 240 bpm


  • Accuracy: static pressure: ± 3 mmHg (± 0.4 kPa)
  • PR accuracy: ± 2 % or ± 2 bpm, whichever is greater 
  • Features:
  • Be applicable for use by adult for NIBP measurement.
  • One-button operation, wrap the cuff automatically to finish measurement.
  • High-definition color LCD, big font display, simple and understandable in display contents.
  • Measurement results can be printed, convenient for user to record.
  • Be applicable for use by person whose arm circumference is in range of 17 cm ~ 42 cm.
  • Optional two units: mmHg and kPa
  • USB interface and network interface.

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