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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber uDR L1 + 1st Generation Oxygen Concentrator

Single lying or standing hyperbaric oxygen chamber uDR L1

Match with 1st generation oxygen concentrator no remote function

Or 1st generation oxygen concentrator with remote function

Application: Home Hospital
Capactity: single person
Function: recuperate
Cabin material: TPU
Cabin size: 80*200cm can be customized
Color: blue color
pressurized medium: air
Outlet pressure:<400mbar@60L/min
Oxygen concentrator purity: about 96%
Max airflow:130L/min
Min airflow:60L/min

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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber function:
1. Improve blood oxygen content and blood oxygen diffusion;
2. Invigorate blood and expand blood vessels;
3. Supply oxygen to skin cells throughout the body, repair damaged cells, delay aging, and fight aging;
4. Enhance self-regulation ability and improve body immunity;
5. Improve sleep quality, enhance memory, improve mental state;
6. Quickly relieve muscle tension and soreness caused by strenuous exercise;
7. Anti-fatigue, effectively accelerate the metabolism of fatigue substances;
8. Spectral antibacterial, inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria;
9. Promote the emission of harmful gases and substances, such as gas, alcohol, nicotine, etc.;

sadxzc1   sadxzc4 sadxzc5 hbot and tbi

The things that you need to know for blue hyperbaric oxygen chamber model uDR L1:

uDR L1 model have 3 versions oxygen concentrator which cost is different:
1. 1st generation oxygen concentrator, no remote control function
2. 1st generation oxygen concentrator, with remote control function

3. 2nd generation oxygen concentrator, with remote control function
Oxygen concentrator function is the same, just different appearance.
Please contact our sales for details and costs if you are interested in this model.
Urgent quotation, please call Zoe by+86 18124153643 directly or send messages by WhatsApp or WeChat.
Our hyperbaric oxygen concentrator is the combination of air compressor and oxygen concentrator.
The oxygen purity of oxygen concentrator is about 96%.
After dispersion inside the chamber, the oxygen purity is about 26% which is higher than the oxygen percentage in the air.
But if you still want higher oxygen purity, the user can wear the face mask to inhale the oxygen directly.
We can prepare the extra face mask for you. Please talk with our sales before you place the order.
We accept custom logo service on the chamber, you can custom your logo to build your brand. Please contact us for the cost for custom the logo.
We have our own forwarder agents. Give us your address and postal code, then we can help to check the best shipping channel for you.Normally, we shipped the chamber and concentrator by sea DDP. It is the cheapest shipping channel for hyperbaric chamber and the shipping time is about 1-2 months. The express shipping cost is high for chamber because of the large packing size. Sure, we can also check the express service for you if you can accept the shipping cost.
lyme disease and hyperbaric oxygen therapy
hyperbaric chamber lyme

Buyer's Show from our Client:

hbot for lyme disease


1. Can I custom the color for oxygen chamber?

Yes, tell us the color you want then we can check if we have stock material.

2. Can I print my logo on the chamber?

Certainly, we accept OEM service for the hyperbaric chamber.

3. What is the flow range for the oxygen concentrator?

This model would match with 10L oxygen concentrator.

4. Does the oxygen concentrator have remote controller?

We have different setting for the oxygen concentrator. This model have remote function and it has remote controller.

5. What certification do you have?

We have CE certification and we have shipped the goods to different countries.

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