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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber uDR S2

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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber uDR S2


1. Can I buy 1,3ATA hbot hyperbaric oxygen chamber with air compressor but without oxygen generator?

Yes, tell us the model you want then we can check the accurate price for you.

2. Can you tell me how many safety relief valves are fitted?

The oxygen chamber have good tightness. If the oxygen leak, the concentrator would have the indicator. The relay will automatically trip when oxygen leak out. According to our clients' feedback, our oxygen chamber never have the situation that oxygen leak out.

3. Do you have gauges on the inside and outside of the chamber?

For model uDR L2, this is soft TPU oxygen chamber with one 10L oxygen concentrator. You can adjust the parameter by operating the oxygen concentrator. The oxygen concentrator have remote controller, the user can adjust the parameter inside the chamber.

4. Do you have separate Oxygen and Pressure generators?

Yes, we have separate oxygen generators.

5. Can you help me to check the shipping cost?

Give us the address and postal code, then we can check the shipping cost for you. 

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