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Fetal Doppler uSONO 806

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1).High sensitivity  

2).Autocorrelation algorithm

3).Intelligent noise reduction

4).TFT or Led Color screen

5).removable battery or build in battery

6).automatic shut down

7) FHR values, bar graph and heartbeat waveform color display

8) Alarming in red when the FHR value is out of the normal range.

9) Probe falls off detection, battery status indication

10) Audio interface: Can be connected to other recording devices by recording cable, record fetal heart sound in real-time


Display LCD or TFT

Work :Transient /Average/Manual



Volume Add

Volume Dec

Mode Change

Power:DC 3.0V

Battery:2*AA Alkaline or litium Battert

Audio Socket:∮3.5mm

Working Frequency:3MHz

Display range:50~210bpm

Normal Range: 110~160bpm

Auto Power Off:Yes

Probe Dectect:Yes


          Bluetooth or Wifi

          LCD display or TFT display

          Removable battery or build in battery

Color Box:175mm×115m×55mm

Product weight: 281g

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