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Urine Analyzer uF 100

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Database capacity: 100000 copies of the laboratory test record

Output: connect to WIFI devices and transmit test results

Language: English, Chinese or OEM

Cruising power: standby for 72 hours, continuous test for 2 hours


Test speed:Single test is 70 strips/hour, continuously>120 strips/hour

Technical index:

*Determination principle: Principle of reflection measurement of ultra-high brightness cold light source

*Test Items: bilirubin,urobilinogen,ketone,blood, protein, nitrite, leukocytes,glucose,specific gravity,pH, ascorbic acid(V-c),micro-albumin,creatinine

* Compatible test strips: USR-10T, URS-11-III, URS-12MA urine reagent test stripsW-3, W-6, W-7, W-12, and other water test strips

* Wave length : All of visible light wavelengths

*Database capacity: 1000 copies of the laboratory test records (including date, time, ID)

*Testing speed : single test is 60 strips/hour and continuously >100strips/hour

* Display : 800×480

*WIFI : connect to WiFi devices and transmit test results

*External output : Standard USB output port, and can be networked with PC

* Use language : English/Chinese/OEM

* Power supply : lithium battery 3500mAH

* Cruising power : Standby for more than 72 hours, continuous test for 4 hours

* Power : ≤ 20W

* Net weight: 230g

* Outline size : 135mm*80mm*30mm

* Communication protocol : 9600bps N 8



1. How many seconds to get the test result and then how many hours can be tested continuously?

About 15 seconds to get the result, continuous test for 2 hours.

2. Can I buy test strips separately if I run out of test strips?

Yes, we can support the test strips separately.

3. If I need a custom LOGO, what is the MOQ?

MOQ for custom logo is 200pcs.

4. Is it rechargeable?

Yes, built-in lithium battery.

5. If the quantity is large, the price can be negotiated?

Yes, we are the manufacturer and the price can be negotiated. The higher quantity, the lower price. 

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