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The New Favorite of Oxygen Therapy-Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy HBOT

1) . Oxygen is the origin of life. Oxygen is the foundation of healing.

Oxygen plays an important role in our daily life. Oxygen is the origin of life, oxygen is the foundation of healing. If we lack of oxygen, do you know what would happened?

Department of Neurology:

1. Facial neuritis; 2. Rehabilitation of cerebrovascular diseases; 3. Meniere's syndrome; 4. Peripheral nerve damage caused by ischemia, hypoxia, trauma, poisoning, etc.

Department of Endocrinology: 1. Diabetic foot; 2. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy; 3. Diabetic peripheral vascular disease.

Gastroenterology: 1. Peptic ulcer; 2. Ulcerative colitis; 3. Crohn's disease.

Department of Cardiology: 1. Ischemic heart disease; 2. Arrhythmia: premature beats, tachycardia.

Department of ENT: 1. Sudden deafness; 2. Nervous deafness; 3. Ear trauma.

Ophthalmology: 1. Central retinal artery embolism; 2. Optic neuritis; 3. Central serous chorioretinopathy; 4. Corneal ulcer

Hematology: dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, chest tightness and other symptoms caused by anemia.

Surgery: 1. Anaerobic infection (gas gangrene, tetanus, etc.); 2. Severe soft tissue infection caused by aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria; 3. Radiation necrosis (soft tissue necrosis, bone necrosis); 4. Refractory to healing Sexual wounds (wounds that are difficult to heal due to infection, compression, circulatory disturbance, diabetes).

Orthopedics: 1. Crush injury; 2. Skin flap transplantation; 3. Acute spinal cord injury; 4. Chronic osteomyelitis; 5. Replantation of severed limbs; 6. Burns.

Brain surgery: 1. Brain contusion; 2. Recovery of consciousness and neurological function after brain surgery.

Emergency Department: 1. Carbon monoxide poisoning, and delayed encephalopathy; 2. Anoxic poisonous gas poisoning, cyanide poisoning, nitrite poisoning, hydrogen sulfide poisoning.

at home hbot

2) . The current oxygen therapy methods:

The common oxygen therapy that we see often is oxygen cylinder in hospital, oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen and so on.

If you choose oxygen cylinder, it is safer that you go to hospital to inhale the oxygen. But you need to go to hospital every time. Oxygen concentrator allow the oxygen therapy at home, but you need to wear the face mask. Comparing the traditional oxygen therapy method, hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy have great advantages. The user can do anything they want inside the chamber and no need to wear the face mask. After dispersion, the inside oxygen purity is 26% which is higher than the oxygen purity in the air. If the user want higher oxygen purity, they can also use the face mask.

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3). Curative effect of hyperbaric oxygen chamber:

1. Blood vessel disease prevention and physiotherapy.

2. Beauty and body, anti-aging.

3. The old and weak people keep fit.

4. Improve sleep.

5. Enhance students' memory and concentration.

6. Relieve waist, leg, neck and shoulder pain.

7. Relieve stress, fight fatigue and fight depression.

8. Promote the recovery of wound fractures.

9. Health care for people who smoke, drink and socialize a lot.

10. For athletes and sports lovers, relieve sports pain and enhance physical strength.

at home hyperbaric oxygen chamber
at home hyperbaric oxygen chamber

4). Clinical application

1. Oxygen uptake at normal pressure.

   It is mainly suitable for acute hypoxic patients who urgently need to improve hypoxia quickly, quickly and efficiently; patients with acute attack of chronic hypoxic diseases and regular oxygen therapy. In addition to improving hypoxia and maintaining normal physiological indicators, it also has the functions of promoting the recovery of organ functions, repairing damaged tissues, and reducing edema. Such as acute carbon monoxide and other harmful gas poisoning, acute ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy, acute cerebral infarction, acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebral hemorrhage, acute craniocerebral trauma, acute retinal arteriovenous occlusion, refractory wound or ulcer, viral cerebral infarction Inflammation, myelitis, diabetic retinopathy, sleep disorders, etc.

2. Nasal cannula for oxygen.

   Oxygen inhalation by nasal cannula or open face mask, because a large amount of air is also inhaled while inhaling oxygen, the inhaled oxygen partial pressure is relatively low. oxidative disease.

3. High flow level one oxygen (nasal).

   Compared with ordinary nasal cannula oxygen inhalation, the inhaled oxygen partial pressure will be greatly increased. It is suitable for patients with acute hypoxic diseases who have weak breathing and urgently need to improve hypoxia. It is not suitable for routine oxygen therapy for ordinary hypoxic patients. High oxygen consumption and low oxygen utilization.

4. Nebulized first-level oxygen inhalation.

    It is suitable for those who need to give drugs through the respiratory tract, protect the respiratory mucosa, dilute and facilitate the discharge of sputum, and are not suitable for routine oxygen therapy applications for ordinary hypoxic patients.

5. Hood (or face mask) first-level oxygen inhalation.

   It is suitable for those who cannot well tolerate saturated oxygen inhalation, tracheotomy, weak breathing or other oxygen inhalation that cannot fully cooperate. It is not suitable for the routine oxygen therapy application of ordinary hypoxic patients.

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