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LANNX’s annual biggest promotion in September

In order to thank our customers for their favor and support, we launched the biggest promotion of the year in September.we hope that this promotion can help our customer reduce their cost .


please find below about detail content of promotion:

Period: 2022/09/01-2022/09/30

Scope: professional medical device and household medica device


P1.Total Order Discount(For Bigger Order Amount): Min 500USD order amount , Max get 10% discount in total amount

P2.Free Gift (For Smaller Order Amount): Any order placed will get free gift like stethoscope, medical gloves thermometer, blood pressure monitor etc.

P3.Cash Coupons(For Any Order): order placed In September will get cash coupons can used in future order , max coupons amount can reach 1000USD

P4.Free Upgrade : free upgrade service and free additional accessories for most of our product. like Patient monitor, Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Blood pressure monitor, wheelchair etc.


P1.Total Order Discount:

For order amount >2000USD(Professional Medical)  or > 500USD(Household Medical)


Total Order Discount



P2.Free Gift:

For order amount 1000USD-2000USD(Processional Medical) or 400USD-500USD(Household Medical)

Free Gift LANNX medical



P3.Cash Coupons:

For any order placed, but only can use from 2022/10/01-2023/03/30.

cash coupon lannx medical device



P4.Free Upgrade

We provide free upgrade service and free additional accessories for most of our product. 

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Patient monitor,Blood pressure monitor,Wheelchair.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber HBOT

Patient monitor uDR P11Wheelchair P1 LANNX

Blood pressure Monitor uHEM 910

Post time: Sep-09-2022