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1-7L Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator uDR M3

1. Smaller size, lighter weight and better appearance

2. The oxygen concentration is as high as 90%, which is the preferred standard for an oxygen generator

3. Visualization panel, oxygen concentration, flow rate and time are clearly visible

4. Intelligent voice broadcast, guide operation, handy

5. Intelligent timing timing, convenient oxygen management

6. Intelligent infrared remote control, more convenient operation

7. High-performance spring shock absorption, oxygen inhalation is more comfortable and quiet

8. Oxygen production and atomization, dual use in one machine

9. Button-type luminous humidification cup, visually beautiful, easy to clean after disassembly

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1.Product Name: 1-7L Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator 

2.Model Number: uDR M3

3.Flow Range: 1-7L (adjustable)

4.Oxygen concentration: 90% (adjustable)

5.Atomization principle: molecular sieve

6.Additional function:atomization

7.Voice broadcast:English

8.Timing: timing oxygen production, continuous timing, cumulative timing, timing shutdown

9.Product weight: 9.92 pounds

10.Product size: 10.24 * 11.4 * 5.39 inches


Product Name 1-7L Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator uDR M3
Flow Range 1-7L (adjustable)
Oxygen concentration 90% (adjustable)
Atomization principle molecular sieve
Additional function atomization
Timing: timing oxygen production, continuous timing, cumulative timing, timing shutdown
Remote Control Support
Nebulization Function Support
Timing Function Support
Voice Broadcast Support
Product weight 9.92 pounds
Product size 10.24 * 11.4 * 5.39 inches



Accessories Name


oxygen machine

1 piece


1 piece

Remote control

1 piece

Power cable

1 piece


Atomization accessories

Nasal Oxygen Tube

Filter sponge

Rubber cover

1 piece

1 piece

1 piece

1 piece

1 piece




1) Can I get the extra accessories like filter for oxygen concentrator?

Yes, dear. We can prepare the extra accessories for you.

2) Will the oxygen concentrator be noisy when we use it at night?

The noise level for this model is lower than 60dB which won't effect the sleeping.

3) What language for the menu of model uDR M2 concentrator?

Our menu for oxygen concentrator is English. If you want to custom the laguage of menu or the packing box for oxygen concentrator, we accept OEM or ODM service.

4) What certification do you have?

We have CE certification for oxygen generator. Please contact our sales for more details.

5) Do you have warranty for the product?

Yes, we have 2 years warranty for the products. Any questions when you receive the goods or when you using it, contact us at anytime.

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