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New Model Clear Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

COVID-19 have changed the lifestyle for all of us, especially for the person who infected with the virus.
In many severe patients infected with the new coronary pneumonia virus, the blood oxygen saturation is low. Oxygen supply is very necessary for this kind of patients. Except for oxygen concentrator to inhale the oxygen, there also have a better choice, hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The patient can do their own work when inside the oxygen chamber. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber becomes more and more popular these years.Soft TPU Hyperbaric Chamber

1.Why some customers want clear hyperbaric chamber?

The most common hyperbaric oxygen chamber is soft TPU oxygen chamber. TPU material have good tightness that the oxygen won’t leak out from the chamber. But TPU cannot transmit light. Some patients who had claustrophobia feel very uncomfortable when inside the chamber, so they refuse to accept oxygen therapy. The clear hyperbaric oxygen chamber solve this problem.

Clear Hyperbaric Chamber

2.The advantages of clear hyperbaric chamber

If you don’t know much about the clear hard hyperbaric chamber, this article would introduce the advantages and disadvantages for clear hyperbaric chamber

2.1 Clear appearance that allow to see inside patient condition

During the oxygen therapy, the outside people or outside doctor can see the condition of inside patient. It is very convenient to check the condition and adjust the parameter in time.

2.2 Clear window that make the inside patient feel safety

For the patient who had claustrophobia, clear hyperbaric chamber at home is much better than the soft TPU chamber. When they inside the chamber, the clear windows allow them to see the outside view which will make them feel safety. Therefore, they are willing to accept the oxygen therapy.

2.3 Operating board Inside the chamber allow to adjust the parameter

Soft TPU chamber only can adjust the parameter by the outside oxygen concentrator. From the picture, you can see there have the operating board that can adjust the parameter on the top of clear hard hyperbaric chamber. Actually, there also have operating board inside the chamber. The user can adjust the parameter by himself, so this clear hyperbaric chamber is pretty good to use it at home. This model is suitable for one people to use it by himself/herself.

Operating board

2.4 All-In-One design--Invisible oxygen concentrator under the chamber

As we known, the soft hyperbaric chamber would match with one separate oxygen concentrator 10L or 20L. Some models would need to match one extra cooler. Everytime when you use the chamber and pack the chamber, it is headache to sort out the accessories and cables. But one device design for clear hyperbaric chamber solve this problem. The oxygen concentrator is under the chamber, so it is invisible and you don’t need to assemble the clear hyperbaric chamber at home when you want to use it.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber+Oxygen Concentrator

2.5 The user don’t need to assemble the hard chamber before use

Clear chamber is made of steel material, the shape can not be changed. It is not like soft TPU oxygen chamber that can compared. Clear oxygen chamber is very easy to use, you just need to plug the cable then you can start to use it.

2.6 Air cooler inside the chamber have better customer experiences

The inside temperature of soft chamber is higher 1-2℃ than the outside room temperature. If the clients have special requirements, we would match with extra cooler that can make inside temperature lower. But clear hyperbaric chamber have included the air cooler, the user can adjust the inside temperature by operating board.

3.The disadvantages of clear hard hyperbaric chamber

Every coins have 2 sides. The clear hard hyperbaric chamber also have disadvantages.

3.1 Large oxygen chamber can not be compressed

Hard steel material makes the hyperbaric chamber very strong. Because of the steel material, the large oxygen chamber can not be compressed, we just use a big wooden box to pack the chamber and accessories.

3.2 The shipping cost would be higher than soft chamber
Soft TPU hyperbaric chamber can be compressed, we pack a big carton box for oxygen chamber and its accessories and one wooden carton for the oxygen concentrator. The total weight for soft hyperbaric chamber is about 100KG. But hard hyperbaric chamber can not be compressed and the weight for the clear hyperbaric chamber is about 230-250KG. It means that you need to pay more shipping cost for hard hyperbaric chamber

3.3 Hard Chamber would occupy with large space

As what we said, the hard steel oxygen chamber can not be compressed. Therefore, it would occupt with large space. It would be better that you measure the size at your home before you want to buy it for home usage.

4.The specification of our clear hard hyperbaric chamber best model

According our clients’ orders and feedback, the model uDR C1 is the most popular model for clear hyperbaric chamber. This model have good price and good quality, you can custom the parameter for this model:

Inside diameter: 73cm

Length: 207cm

Height: 110cm

Pressure: 10kpa, 20kpa, 30kpa

Voltage: 220V

Power: 2000W

Concentrator: 220V 200W

Net Weight: 230KG

Oxygen purity: 30-90%

adjustable Pressure mode: by air

Reduced-added pressure time: 5-10 min

Working pressure: 1.1-1.3atm

Size: chamber-235*100*114cm concentrator-80*80*100cm

Comfortable air conditioner

Material: New style special steel

Anti claustrophobia: big curve window

Germany chip with Japanese technology

Oxygen display panel that outside the chamber

Invisible oxygen concentrator that under the chamber

Patient can handle the chamber when inside the chamber One device design

Clear Hard Hyperbaric Chamber

5.Custom service for clear hard hyperbaric oxygen chamber

We are professional supplier that have specialized in the field for years with our own factory. OEM/ODM service is acceptable, we help our clients to build their own brand. You can custom the logo on the chamber and custom the operating board language. Just tell us your requirements, then we can discuss more.

6.After-Sale service for Lannx clear hard hyperbaric chamber

Our company’s purpose is to provide our clients with good quality products with competitive price. Any question before purchasing, welcome to contact us. After you place the order and receive the goods, you can contact us if you have problem about how to use the chamber. We have 2 years warranty for clear hyperbaric chamber, any problems for quality or accessories, we can replace the new accessories and solve the problem you meet.

7.Contact Lannx to check the best shipping cost

Because of the big size for clear hyperbaric oxygen chamber, usually we ship it by sea which is about 1-2 months. Our company have cooperated with many forwarder agents, they have different shipping channels to different countries. Tell us your address and postal code, then we can help to check the best shipping cost to your place.

Post time: Jul-21-2022