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LANNX Awarded As A Candidate Wheelchair Supplier of Meyra Group in Germany

As leading rehabilitation solution provider from China, LANNX invited by Meyra group as a candidate wheelchair supplier to their 2022 supplier day on 28th July,2002.

In the supplier day meeting, Meyra introduces their wheelchair and scooter develop plan and invite LANNX provide the advanced wheelchair and scooter solutions for coming personalized demand in Germany market.

LANNX promised to keep on innovation and provide new product that can meet new and varied rehabilitation demands after COVD 19 for Mayer group.

Meyra group affirmation of LANNX’s innovative achievements in product and require LANNX to supply newer wheelchair in 2022-2023 seasons.Award


Before COVID 19, the main users of rehabilitation product are elderly and disabled people, Major products are manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, crutch etc, requirement styles are traditional ordinary. But Covid 19 make more and more young people impractical to move, more young people need rehabilitation product like electric wheelchairs and scooter , the style and shape need to fashion and color need to be bright. This is the new challenge for wheelchairs manufacturer and distributor, only innovation is the solution.

About Meyra Group:

MEYRA GmbH (founded in 1936) is part of the globally active MEYRA Group and one of the most internationally renowned and successful wheelchair manufacturers and suppliers of rehabilitation aids.The company produces many products at its headquarters in Germany, sells them in more than 70 countries and operates a further eight production, assembly and sales locations in Poland, Norway, Denmark, France, Hungary, Russia, the Czech Republic and China.

About LANNX:

LANNX is leading rehabilitation solution provider from China, aim to provide innovative, high quality and reasonable cost rehabilitation product for all customers. LANNX’s rehabilitation solution including product: manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, rollator, walker and cane etc

Some hot sale models from LANNX:

1. Aluminum Electric wheelchair

Roadbuster series light weight wheelchair 

Aluminum Electric wheelchair

2. Steel Electric wheelchair

Optimus series powerful wheelchair, Bumblebee series changeable wheelchair

Steel Electric wheelchairpowerful wheelchair

3. Rollator series wheelchair

Rollator series wheelchair

walking frame


4. Power wheelchair series

Power wheelchair series

5.  Walker series

strong walking frame

6.  Cane series

Cane series

Post time: Aug-01-2022