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How to Choose the Fingertip Oximeter Style?

With the spread of COVID-19, more and more people were infected by virus. Even the people was recovered from the virus, they still have some sequelas with their life. Therefore, the oximeter become necessary for the patients who were infected severely. Certainly, you can prepare one fingertip oximeter beside if you want to test your pulse rate at anytime and anywhere.

This article will teach you the knowledge about the fingertip oximeter and give you suggestions about how to choose the style according to your needs.

1.Fingertip Oximeter Function

When you hear the finger tip oximeter at first time, you may not know what is it and the usage for fingertip oximeter. Fingertip oximeter is the small portable machine that can test the blood oxygen easily. Let’s introduce more details for you!

2.Fingertip Oximeter Advantages

2.1Small size and light weight

The fingertip oximeter have small size and light weight which allow to bring it beside. It is easy for you to test the blood oxygen at anytime and anywhere.
Besides, the small size means small shipping volume. It can save your shipping cost and save your budget. Welcome to contact us to check the shipping cost for you.

Small size

2.2Easy to use.

This kind of fingertip oximeter is very easy to use. When you receive it, you just need to install 2 AAA size alkaline batteries. Then you can clip this oximeter in your finger, the oximeter would have the reading after several seconds.
Certainly, the oximeter also have the user manual. You can read the instruction more clearly when you receive it.

Easy to use

2.3Favorable price

Comparing with the other oximeter style such as desktop oximeter and wrist oximeter, the price for fingertip oximeter would be cheaper a lot. Fingertip oximeter is suitable for the clients who don’t have much budget and want to start the business firstly.

3.How to Choose the Fingertip Oximeter Style

The differences for the fingertip oximeter is about the screen types, charging way and extra bluetooth function. Let’s explain more details for you.

3.1Oximeter Screen

There have 3 kinds of screen types for fingertip oximeter, LED screen, LCD screen and TFT screen.

Screen types

3.1.1LED screen

If you don’t have much requirements for the screen, LED should be the enough for you. LED screen can have single color and 4 colors for your choice. LED screen fingertip oximeter can rotate 2 sides when you press the button.By the way, LED screen is the cheapest screen among all the screen types. If you want to control the cost, LED screen fingertip oximeter would be the best choice for you.

LED screen

3.1.2LCD screen

Comparing with the LED screen, LCD screen finger tip oximeter have higher screen resolution. LCD screen fingertip oximeter also can rotate 2 sides when press the button. If you have requirements for the resolution but you don’t have much budget, LCD screen fingertip oximeter should be a good option.


3.1.3TFT screen

TFT is the most expensive screen among all the screen types. TFT screen have the high resolution and it can rotate 4 sides when you press the button.


3.2Oximeter Charging Way

Most of the fingertip oximeter use 2*AAA size alkaline batteries for power supply. But please noted that we don’t provide with batteries for oximeter. Because if the oximeter with batteries, it is hard to export and the shipping cost would be higher.
Except for batteries power supply, there also have some fingertip oximeter that support USB charging. But the price of fingertip oximeter that support USB charging is higher than batteries supplied fingertip oximeter.


3.3Oximeter Bluetooth

Some companies focus on one series product and they want to make the product very professional, so they may need to do the fingertip oximeter with bluetooth function. The bluetooth function can connect the mobile phone and the clients can do their own app. It can help to build the clients’ brand. 

This is the video shows that the bluetooth fingertip oximeter connect with the mobile phone: https://youtu.be/cHnPaLtHM7A

In conclusion, it is better that you make your requirements clearly. According to your target market situation, you need to estimate the budget for fingertip oximeter. Then you can know which model is the best options for you.

4.Oximeter Model Recommendation

We have different models for the fingertip oximeter. According to the orders and customers’ feedback we received, there have several models that we can recommend for you.

4.1LK87 fingertip oximeter model

This LED screen four color fingertip oximeter is what we called LK87. This oximeter have blue and white color appearance and it has elegant looking. This model is the most popular model in the market because the price is quite competitive. Certainly, the quality for LK87 is also good enough.


4.2LK88 fingertip oximeter model

If you have requirements for the screen and you want to get high quality products, this TFT screen oximeter would be the best choice for you. We called this model LK88 fingertip oximeter.
LK88 have TFT screen that can rotate 4 sides, it is very easy for you to read the dates. And the quality for this model is much better than the other models. This is the reason why the price for LK88 is higher than the other model.

LK88-01 (1)
LK88-01 (2)

5.Custom Your Brand for Fingertip Oximeter

Our company have our own brand Dr.HUGO, but we also accept OEM/ODM service for you. If you want to start the business, you can try with our products. Later when you have earned some money, maybe you can consider to start to build your brand. We can give you some professional suggestions and help you to build your own brand! Let’s share the health with the world!
By the way, our company also support that you become our agent in your country. If you have any interest in agent, contact us for more details!

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