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The Introduction and Future Development Trends of Wheelchair

In today's society, the trend of population aging is becoming more and more serious, and the global population aged 65 and above is growing faster than the younger group. Add to that the impact of COVID-19 sequelae. The demand for wheelchairs and their rehabilitation products is increasing.


1. Why more and more people choose the wheelchair?

Factors such as the continuing aging of the global population and the impact of the aftermath of covid-19 have contributed to the increased demand for wheelchairs. Wheelchair is an important tool for rehabilitation. It is not only a means of transportation for the physically disabled, but more importantly, it enables them to exercise and participate in social activities with the help of wheelchairs.

2. The introduction of Wheelchair.

If you don't know enough about wheelchairs, I will introduce you in detail next.

2.1 Types of wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are mainly divided into two categories, one is electric wheelchair and the other is manual wheelchair.

The electric wheelchair is easy to operate, the user can use it by himself without the help of others, and it is equipped with a remote control, which can be easily operated.but it is relatively heavy and difficult for one person to move.Manual wheelchairs are lightweight and can be easily moved by one person, but require the user to move forward manually or with the help of others.

Sqweeks 3 Manual Wheelchair

2.2  Advantages of wheelchairs

Whether it is an electric or manual wheelchair, they are suitable for a variety of terrains, muddy roads, lawns, gravel roads, speed bumps, and more.The frame is a square tube with a load-bearing capacity of up to 175kg; the armrests can be lifted, making it easier for users to get on and off the bike; simple to fold, easy to carry.

The electric wheelchair is equipped with a 500W brushless dual motor, which makes it easy to climb hills without effort; electromagnetic brakes can stop without slipping when you let go; one-handed operation can be easily used by the elderly.

2.3 Product parameters

The parameters of each wheelchair are different, I will briefly introduce the parameters of the two wheelchairs.

Product name:Electric wheelchair

Model:Roadbuster R3

Frame: Aluminum

Motor Power: 24V/250W*2pcs Brush Motor

Battery :Lithium 24v12Ah

Tyres :8'' & 12'' PU Tire

Speed: 6KM/H

Range: 25-30KM

Overall Width: 64cm

Overall Length: 95cm

Overall Height :84cm

Folded Width: 38cm

Seat Width :45cm

Seat Height :50cm

Seat Deepth: 43cm

Backrest Height :42cm

Roadbuster R3 Electric Wheelchair

Product name:Manual wheelchair

Model:Sqweeks S1

Frame: The frame is formed by welding steel pipes, the wall thickness is 1.2mm, and the surface treatment is sprayed.

Front wheel: 6-inch solid front wheel.

Rear wheel: 20-inch solid rear wheel.

Seat cushion: breathable bee net cushion.

Footrest: Foldable footrest

Load: 100 kg

open car width: 63cm

Car width: 28cm

Seat width: 45cm

Sitting height: 47cm

Vehicle height: 84cm

Vehicle length: 78cm

Seat depth: 39cm

Backrest height: 42cm

Sqweeks S3 Manual Wheelchair

3. The future development trend of wheelchair

Wheelchair is a small indoor and outdoor means of transportation for the disabled and those with mobility difficulties. After years of development, the industry has entered a stage of rapid development with the maturity of production technology and the continuous reduction of production costs.

In the future, intelligent wheelchairs will become the mainstream. Because it is intelligent, humanized and modular. Intellectualization comprehensively applies intelligent technology, optimizes control algorithm, enhances automatic planning and sensor based intelligence; Humanized design safe, comfortable and reasonable intelligent wheelchair from the subtle; To mass produce intelligent wheelchairs, modularization must be realized. The whole system applies basic modules and various functional modules to form a function for which each functional module is responsible.

With the development of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, image processing, computer technology and sensor technology, the functions of intelligent wheelchair will be more perfect and rich, and will really enter the life of the elderly and disabled.

Bumblebee X1 Electric Wheelchair

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