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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber uDR L5

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1. How many person that can stay in this chamber model uDR L5?

This oxygen chamber model have big space that can contain 4-8 person.

2. How long for the production of this model?

We have stock accessories for oxygen chamber.  After payment, the lead time is about 1-2 days.

3. What is the differences between this model and the other model?

uDR L5 have the biggest size among all the models and we also accept custom size for this model.

4. What if I order 10pcs this chamber uDR L5?

The shipping cost would be cheaper and we can give you discount for the chamber.

5. What is the specification for the oxygen concentrator of uDR L5 oxygen chamber?

For this large size oxygen chamber, we match with 10L oxygen concentrator and it support remote function.

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