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Full Automatic Dry Chemistry Urine Analyzer uC 901

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-Full automation: sample delivery, sample injection, sample drop, analysis and output report are automatically completed by the instrument without personnel on duty;

-The high-precision dripping system ensures the accurate dripping amount of the test strip and reduces the pollution of the workbench

-Each module of the instrument adopts a 32-bit ARM processor and is connected by the Can bus, which is fast and accurate and has a low failure rate.
-Unique IC card control system: reduce the difference between batches of test strips and make the results more accurate

-Unique system upgrade function: convenient TF card upgrade and maintenance function, users can experience the latest software support synchronously.

-It can be tested online with the urine visible component analyzer, and comprehensively report the results of urine dry chemical test, microscopic examination results of visible components and physical indicators, providing you with a comprehensive solution for urine analysis.


-Test Parameters:Urobilinogen (UBG) Bilirubin (BIL) Ketone body (KET) Occult blood (BLD) Protein (PRO) Nitrite (NIT) Leukocyte (LEU) Glucose (GLU) Specific gravity (SG) pH (pH) Vitamin C ( VC) Microalbumin (MAL)

-Monochromatic light wavelength:525nm610nm660nm
-Test Strips: Reflectance Measurement
-Test speed:240 pieces/hour (15 seconds/piece)
-Test tube rack capacity 5 test tube racks (capacity 50 samples)
-The sample liquid level in the test tube should not be lower than the mark of the test tube rack

-Inhaled sample volume:less than 1.0mL
-Data storage capacity : 20,000 pieces
-10,000 emergency records
-1000 quality control records
-External output serial RS-232 interface, parallel printing interface
-Language Chinese, English, etc.
-Power AC220V, 50Hz
-Power 300VA
-Fuse specification 250V 2A
-The ambient temperature is 15℃~35℃, the best temperature is 20℃~25℃, the relative humidity is ≤75%,
-Atmospheric pressure: 76 kpa ~106 kpa.
-Dimensions analyzer 660mm×625mm×581mm (length×width×height)
-Weight 65Kg
-Printer built-in thermal printer
-Two-way transmission
-Transmission rate 9600bps


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